H.E.C.S. (to set up a professional-grade tripod)

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H.E.C.S. (to set up a professional-grade tripod)

Postby rgbwatcher » Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:49 pm


To set up a professional-grade tripod:

H. – Handle. Loosen the thumbscrew for the handle, make sure that the teeth are disengaged, then bring the handle up out of the way of the tripod legs and tighten the thumbscrew.

E. – Extend. Carefully unlock the leg extenders and extend the legs, typically until the top of the tripod is at chin height, then lock the extenders.

C. – Clips. Undo the clips that hold the legs together. Some tripods do not have clips holding the legs together, in which case just progress along to…

S. – Spread. Hold the two legs closest to you, allowing the third leg to remain on the ground, and spread the legs apart and toward you.

That’s How to put a H.E.C.S. on your tripod. The next step is to attach the camera and level it, a process which can vary from camera to camera and tripod to tripod.

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